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Hello, there friends! I welcome you to meet Alex and Andreea, parents of Noa. Both the project and the baby!
They are both artists, graphic designers, 31 years old, and are from Romania. Combined, they have more than 16 years working in the field of visual arts. They are also travelers (who isn't right?) and have visited more than 60 countries so far. They plan to visit the rest with Noa!

Project Noa actually started a few months after he was born. In November 2020, Alex created a set of TCG lookalike cards to give to Andreea each day of the month of December as gifts. The original printed cards are carefully stored and will be given to Noa when he grows up. For this reason, in series 1, the common cards have a different look and have the Classic variant. That is the original artwork used for the printed cards.

They were fans of blockchain technology for many years before, and when they learned about NFTs, they finally realized that the cards actually served the higher and more noble purpose of bringing joy to others. And that is how Noa Collectibles was created. 

Alex and Andreea first met in art high school where they got their degrees in fine arts. They went on together to the University of Art where both graduated with a degree in Design. Andreea also has a degree and a master's degree in Architecture, a Ph.D. in Geography, and Alex has a master's degree in Tourism (this is kinda boring so let's move on).

They started working together after finishing the university and at around the same time started traveling all over the world. They carried a big DSLR camera with them everywhere and ended up with tens of thousands of photos (you could say they are photographers too, but they would disagree).
Andreea loves the outdoors (and chocolate cake!) so she can't wait to get out that front door and explore. Where, just like a mountain Troll, Alex prefers to stay away from the light of day. But following the famous words someone named Bilbo: “It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.”, they both embarked on a long journey and went on many adventures together. Alex vowed to follow Andreea everywhere, to explore and grow together and in return, Andreea did the unimaginable. She actually watched the entire Star Wars series, like all of them, one after the other!

Meanwhile, they co-founded Graphicdome and Zeppelin Graphics and became top sellers on various creative marketplaces such as Envato and Creative Market where they sold more than 100.000 digital assets to other designers and businesses around the world. They used part of the funds to finance a life of travels, gaming, and a huge collection of action figures, toys, games, books, and all the geeky stuff you can imagine! (did I mention they have a beagle too ?).  
Alex loves video games and geeky stuff in general while Andreea would rather practice various sports or extreme activities (like bungee jumping, skydiving, hanging off skyscrapers, kitesurfing, ... and walking the beagle) when she has the chance (she also loves swimming!). 

Working online gave them the flexibility to explore other cultures and at the same time, to become more experienced in the art of design. In 2020 Noa was born and chapter 2 of their journey began. Having their hearts filled with love for the new member of the pack and also following the teachings of the Jedi and the wisdom of Gandalf, they continued to increase their crafting level every day, and now, they transferred all their experience and knowledge into the land of NFTs. They will continue to create and do their best to make the world around you a more aesthetically pleasing environment. 

This is just a very short and introductory version of their journey through life so far. They are the parents of Noa, the lovers of art, adorers of nature, embracers of blockchain, and everything new and exciting. May the force be with you!

Noa Collectibles is the trademark of Zeppelin Art SRL

Our Company information: Zeppelin Art SRL
Tax ID: 35352581
No.: J40/155596/22/12/2015

Address: Str. Ramnicu Valcea, nr. 22, sect. 3, Bucharest, Romania


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